NYC Blogstar Anil Dash: “We’re In Competition With SF”

Entrepreneurial protoblogger Anil Dash is running for the board of the New York Tech Meetup, the 15,097-member group that recently registered with the state of New York and is seeking not-for-profit status—and it sounds like if he’s elected, he’ll gun for San Francisco.

Dash is a cofounder of the consulting agency Activate and the founding director of the nonprofit Expert Labs, which helps policymakers use Facebook and Twitter to glean insight into what their constituency is thinking. But he’s best known for writing more than half a million words about technology and culture since 1999, at his site He has 346,841 followers on Twitter.

He’s running for one of two open spots on the board that will be decided by a vote after tonight’s meetup:

I’m a passionate and unrepentant New Yorker, an advisor to New York-based startups, non-profits and events, and someone who doesn’t lightly enter into commitments to a community without knowing that I can do the job well.

Dash’s platform includes broadening the meetup to include more diverse presenters, trying to represent the interests of more than just the New Yorkers who can afford $600 smartphones, recognizing that NYC is in competition with San Francisco, and more lobbying:

When we are ignored or insulted by politicians who don’t know or don’t care about technology, we should flex our formidable financial and cultural muscles to make sure that elected officials know there are political consequences to ignoring the values of the technology community.

Voters, you have 11 hours to read Dash’s 5,230 tweets and the half-million words on his blog. Go!

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NYC Blogstar Anil Dash: “We’re In Competition With SF”