NYC Startups Desperately Seeking Technical Talent

For the small group of red-hot local startups with a lot of buzz, finding engineering talent is just tough. For everyone else, it’s damn near impossible.

Even ZocDoc, which Crain’s named the best place to work in the New York area based on benefits and an employee satisfaction survey, is having trouble staffing. ZocDoc is looking for ten engineers, Nick Ganju, CTO of ZocDoc, told The Observer yesterday at a techie snowball fight in Madison Square Park.

Ganju gets one hire out of every 500 resumes, which means he needs to get thousands of applicants in order to fill the open slots. Which is why he was passing out business cards at a snowball fight.

On Quora, the question, “Which startups in NY are hiring“, is updated weekly with new answers, turning the question-and-answer site into a job board.

“33Across is hiring engineers! We’re looking for back-end engineers (C++/Java/Hadoop) as well as research engineers (machine learning, social networks) to help us work on our core ad targeting technology,” senior software engineer John B. Lee posted on Sunday.

Wine startup Lot18 is hiring a Web engineer, front-end developer and mobile application developer, the company posted Monday.

Good luck to them–they’re competing with Etsy, Foursquare,, Tumblr, Gilt Groupe, Meetup and SecondMarket, which are all hiring for technical positions.

And if the economy gets better, the competition for engineering talent could get even tougher.”If there is any meaningful uptick in the economy, good talent that may be on the sidelines will be gone and entrepreneurs will have a tough time hiring on their own,” executive recruiter Sean Carroll of Polachi in New York told VentureBeat today.

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