One Is Not Enough: The Two-iPad Household

The small, keyboardless and fragile $485 computer known as the Apple iPad is so popular that it’s apparently becoming necessary to have at least one for every fifty square feet of space.

A new survey from YouGov, reported by the Apple news blog 9to5mac, shows we’re entering the era of the double-iPad household. Seventeen percent of iPad owners say there is more than one tablet in their household—in some cases two per user. 

The issue isn’t portability, of course. (The thing is pretty light!) Apparently these monied tablet users got sick of loaning their magical devices to the other members of the household. More than half said they bought their second iPad because their spouse or another family member was always using the first one. Fourteen percent said they they couldn’t pry it out of their kids’ greasy little fingers.

The research shows similar patterns for second purchases of the Kindle and Sony Reader–except for the kid-playing-with-it part. And in terms of gift-giving, the $139 Kindle and $100 Sony Reader are considerably more popular.

Given those prices, we’re sure Santa would do the same.

There’s just one thing Tech Observer doesn’t understand: How are these kids not breaking the iPads? There was no data provided on the purchases of cases. 

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