‘Operation Ivy League’ Shuts Off Columbia Kids’ Drug Connects

“Am I the only one who doesn’t take mints from anyone, even friends, because I’m terrified someone has laced it with LSD?” writes outrageousnb, the first commenter on the New York Times‘ City Room post about the massive $11,000 drug sting that claimed five Columbia students this morning. “This happened to me once when I was in high school, and I have never gotten over this fear.”

This person’s paranoia regarding breath mints may be alarmingly pathetic, but if she’s Columbia student she can live without fear. The New York City Police Department announced today that it had broken up and arrested the brains and muscle behind Columbia Univeristy’s frat scene drug ring, which provided Greeks and non-Greeks alike with cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, Adderall and, to that commenter’s presumable horror, LSD placed on Altoids and SweetTarts. 

The case — and probably the inevitable made-for-cable movie as well — is called “Operation Ivy League.”

The City Room post makes it clear that it took more than your average Starsky and Hutch to lock up these big men on campus.

“The undercover officer in the case was so intimidating to Mr. Sarzynski that he asked the undercover to help him kidnap and torture rival cocaine sellers,” Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne told the Times, referring to the students’ supplyer Miron Sarzynski. “If a ransom wasn’t paid, Sarzynski wanted the rivals killed.”

Who knew Columbia was swarming with such big-time dealers. Wash Heights, do or die?

nfreeman [at] observer.com | @nfreeman1234 ‘Operation Ivy League’ Shuts Off Columbia Kids’ Drug Connects