Power Lunch Wars! The Wrap Brashly Dubs Soho’s Lure the New Michael’s

Michael’s, in Midtown, has long been considered New York’s preeminent media spot to power lunch. When George Gurley interviewed Ann Coulter for a story in The Observer, there’s a reason he took her to Michael’s. He wanted to rattle her with proximity to the MSM.

But with newspapers in the red and hot startups hogging VC funds, it was only a matter of time before a newer, hipper downtown place came to claim the power lunch crown from Michael’s (as Michael’s once snatched it from the Royalton’s 44). That time probably isn’t now, but The Wrap sure thinks it is! They’ve boldly proclaimed Lure, an underground Soho seafood place, to be the heir to the stuffy Michael’s. The argument? The patrons are young and trendy and work at young and trendy startups. And it’s even egalitarian! No stuffy old hiearchy of where to sit. Oh, these kids.

And, hey, look at that, Mediaite czar Dan Abrams is a fan as well.  

“You’re going to see more faces you know at Michael’s,” Abrams told The Wrap. “But at Lure, you are going to see the people you’ll have to know five years from now.”

Maybe. But Michael’s has its own socal network mojo: the restaurant’s Twitter feed, @michaelsnewyork, richly applies the restaurant’s see-and-be-seen ethos in neat little less-than-140-character bursts. If you tune in at lunch time you’ll see the feed reference each notable person who sits down for a beet salad or roasted branzino. While you might see “in the house: barry diller!” or “in the house: tina brown!” we’re not sure David Karp would merit a shout-out if he walked in.

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  Power Lunch Wars! The Wrap Brashly Dubs Soho’s Lure the New Michael’s