Scalera moving into a post-9/11 fixer role at Lucent

Fred Scalera stepped down from his state assembly seat last week, and no one knew why specifically, until now.

Given the proper clearance from his new superiors, Scalera said today that he’s ecstatic to be joining Alcatel-Lucent Technology’s Murray Hill branch. The international technology and communications heavyweight employs over 77,000 people.

Scalera said his main work will be in interoperability and communications, including at the new World Trade Center.

“I came up in public safety. I’ve been doing communications since I did the first system at the sheriff’s office,” Scalera said today.

The work he’ll be involved in includes emergency management communications systems, something he experienced from the ground as a fireman, and as homeland security director in Essex County.

“Through 9/11 and Katrina and not being able to talk down there,” he said, it makes him proud of the work he’ll be doing.

Many of the recommendations of Gov. Tom Kean’s post-9/11 report have still not been acted on, and Scalera is not proud of that. Now is his chance to make it happen.

“Who would have thought that a fireman from Nutley (would be involved at this level),” he said.

Scalera moving into a post-9/11 fixer role at Lucent