Scandal Report: With Natalie and Mila in Town, New York Goes Swan-Crazy

Even those who choose to deny the bombastic wonder that is Black Swan have the highest praise for Natalie Portman's stunning performance -- and the impressive ballet scenes choreographed by her off-screen boyfriend Benjamin Millepied. But is the plie expert dancing a little too close to his swan? PAGE SIX says that on set he was all like "Natalie, Natalie, Natalie!" all the time. It would get in the way of filming! Watch out, Benjamin. Natalie can be prone to a little teeth-action every now and then.

Wesley Snipes, on the other hand, will not be considered for an Oscar this year. He's facing prison time for willingly neglecting to pay taxes, and GATECRASHER got hold of a letter from Snipes' wife explaining his actions. Naturally, she blames The Media. We would never wrong you like that, Wesley! We loved you in the Blade movies!

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After roughing up the Charlotte Bobcats enough to secure the Knicks their fifth-straight victory, GATECRASHER reports, Amar'e Stoudemire hightailed it back to New York, dropped by Greenhouse and met up with Busta Rhymes, who gave the forward a big shout-out on the mic. Work hard, play hard, Amar'e.

There may be some toil and trouble brewing for the Weird Sisters of Celebrity. Teens are abusing the Kardashian Prepaid MasterCard, prompting Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney to back out of the sponsoship. As Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal told PAGE SIX, "In reality, no family can 'keep up with the Kardashians' using this card." Zing!

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Last Monday there was a fundraiser for the Robin Hood Foundation. It was a fashion show and it was billed as "The New York Jets Tear Up The Pierre." How wonderfully highbrow-lowbrow! But can you really claim that the Jets were tearing up the Pierre if the quarterback wasn't there doing some tearing, too? Mark Sanchez didn't end up showing up for the event, GATECRASHER reports. Not for cocktails, not for the runway models. There's a great tradition of playboy Jets QBs, Mark! Broadway Joe would never skip out on something like that!

PAGE SIX graciously captured this drama: It was Tuesday morning, and Liza Minnelli was headed to the New York Stock Exchange. There she was, ready to ring the opening bell and by proxy save the American economy with an influx of camp and glam. Liza! But alas, as she took her steps up to the famous bell, the clamoring onlookers could not for the life of them see her. Our petite Liza -- she's just 5'4"! Thank god, then, that she was given a box to stand on. Liza Minnelli emerges triumphant!

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Christian Louboutin makes very pretty shoes. This means he likes pretty things probably! Lucky for him, then, that PAGE SIX reported on a very pretty girl named Blake Lively who came to watch him get an award for bringing so much goddamn pretty shit into the world. Christian seemed to like Blake a lot! He found one of his prettiest shoes, named it after her, and the very pretty Blake Lively got all sparkly and preened a bit and was soooo happy. Pretty cool huh!

Mila Kunis took off her shoes at the Black Swan after party at the St. Regis, GATECRASHER tells us. And then what did she do? She put on slippers. The nerve! Look, guys, we saw this go down, too, but we were too busy chatting with Mila about her fave places to brunch and how she sucked face with Natalie Portman that we just didn't find the time to put these footware adjustments into our party report. Nice try, though!

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a sharp dressed man, in our opinion. It must be because he's got infinity-trillian dollars and buys suits made out of diabolically fine silk and stuff, right? We wouldn't ever want to think about how much Hizzoner's socks cost. His socks could buy and sell our ass, right? Apparently not. PAGE SIX lets us know that Bloomberg, in fact, buys his socks at Filene's Basement. A man of the people, this guy!

Looks like Steven van Zandt has some beef with The Situation! GATECRASHER spotted the E Street Band guitarist, former Sopranos castmember, and all-around legend at the UNICEF Snowflake Ball. What else to ask him except for the inevitable Jersey Shore question? The man's Garden State pedigree can stand up to anyone's. It turns out, however, that Little Steven isn't a huge fan of the show. His primary complaint relates to the fist pump--it's not Jersey enough for his tastes. We're going with him on this one. Not that we'd side against Silvio Dante on anything.

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You did it, guys! Page Six emerged dominant again, killing it with the scoops about the real-life Natalie-Benjamin relationship that so directly factors in to Black Swan, perhaps the season's most anticipated film. Gatecrasher, while on top of its game when it came to all things E Street Band and Wesley Snipes, couldn't quite get there this week. But it was close! Very, very close. Let's hope both of teams have some spies down in Miami this weekend for Art Basel. That's all, folks!

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