See the week’s most mysterious Web video

Fake It!’s as self-explanatory as Japanese Web videos tend to get—which is a very good thing, because all we can tell you about this clip is that it starts off well, and gets really impressive by the time you get to the final minute.

A line of Japanese men queues up at a series of diving platforms; each one executes his own dive, in perfect synchronicity with all the others. The filmmakers may or may not have been making a point about the way individual styles get subsumed into the group’s own, greater accomplishment—which may or may not explain why they’ve blacked out the divers’ eyes. But putting the Japanese commenters through Google’s translator didn’t bring us closer to an answer. “Of electricity ‘Fake It’ I wish I could be,” one writes. Another wants us to know that “Tanaka’s a good job I will not leave the atmosphere.” And a third thinks that “the accident happened well.” As for us, we agree with Romanian commenter Predator7w’s shorter, simpler assessment: “Pretty awesome,” he writes.

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