Sex-Crazed Brunei Prince ‘Stripped’ of $21 Million As Lawyers Prevail in Case

The court case that revealed the bizarre Long Island lifestyle of the billionaire Jefri Bolkiah, prince of Brunei — lurid statues, an alleged harem, a boat named “Tits,” etc. — has ended. In what The New York Times indicates was otherwise a textbook client-attorney spat, a New York State judge ordered Prince Jefri to hand over a $21 million cut of his enormous wealth to his lawyers, the husband-wife duo of Faith Zaman and Thomas Derbyshire.

It’s a fairly anti-climactic conclusion to a wild ride of a case. Before alleging in court that his lawyers had mishandled the sale of his Long Island property, the odd prince lived attention-free in his estate, Sunninghill. It was at this sprawling mansion where, the New York Post has reported, he was free to bask among the racy statues, of which there are six, that depict him doing the dirty deed with his latest fiancee. It’s worth noting here that the man already has four wives. 

“For us, yes, this is huge vindication by real people,” the missus Derbyshire told The Times after the verdict was announced. “We’re not the sort of people like Jefri.”

That, we surmise, is probably an understatement.

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