Slam Doink: Other Names for the Brooklyn New Yorkers

In case you hadn’t heard, the New Jersey Nets will be coming to Brooklyn the season after next. Up until now, they have often been referred to as the Brooklyn Nets, but a name change is in the works, and it looks like it will be a terrible one. According to Nets Daily, the team may well be known as the Brooklyn New Yorkers. As if that weren’t bad enough, the associated copyright filings include gratutiously graffiti’d logos.

Considering the copyright comes from a Philadelphia law firm, it is clearly lacking in the necessary New York wit. With that in mind, The Observer has some suggestions, and hopes you will share your own in the comments (along with any spam):

  • The Brooklyn Bagels
  • The Brooklyn Fixies
  • The Brooklyn Nyets
  • The Brooklyn Blueprints
  • The Brooklyn Deckers
  • The Gowanus Monsters
  • The Brooklyn Brownstones
  • The Brobos
  • The Bedford Stuyvesants
  • The Brooklyn Bodegas
  • The Brooklyn Flannels
  • The Brooklyn Queens Expressways
  • The Brooklyn Techs
  • The Park Slope Strollers
  • The Brooklyn Camels
  • The Brooklyn Bee Keepers

Check out where they’ll be playing some day. >>

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