Steve Wozniak Rocks NY Teen Fei Lam’s White iPhone 4

"It is a great alternative to getting a vasectomy." (Actual Woz Quote)

The Observer broke the story a few weeks back about Fei Lam, the 17-year old kid from Queens who sold more than $130,000 worth of parts for the unreleased white iPhone 4.

Last week Steve Wozniak revealed his personal copy of the white iPhone 4. At first major outlets like CNN assumed he got special privleges because, well, he co-founded Apple.

But Woz admitted in an email today that he got his white iPhone 4 just like the rest of the world, by buying a conversion kit from Fei Lam’s website,

Apple blog 9to5mac jumped on this admission to call Woz’s white iPhone a fake. But that’s not exactly true. The most likely scenario? Apple had parts made for the white iPhone 4, but for unknown reasons, decided they were unhappy with them and scrapped the release.

These spare parts made their way onto the grey market, where they were snapped up by Fei Lam.

So the parts are genuine Apple iphone components, they are just from a version of the white iPhone 4 that has not been, and never will be, released.

Which, when you stop to think about it, kinda makes this version all the more rare and desirable.

Check out the original Fei Lam story and Apple’s follow up here >

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  Steve Wozniak Rocks NY Teen Fei Lam’s White iPhone 4