Stringer Wades Into Brooklyn

It is a very long way from downtown Manhattan to Midwood, Brooklyn.

But that distance has not stopped Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer from weighing in on the case of Sholom Emert, the Orthodox rabbi who was was forced to break the Sabbath when he was given a ticket for jaywalking.

Stringer wrote an open letter in protest to Commissioner Ray Kelly, which a number of Brooklyn papers obtained.

Writes Stringer:

This occurrence also raises questions as to what is being done to teach our officers about, and tolerance for, the many religions our residents observe.  I ask that you please provide me with information regarding the scope of training and education on religious practices currently done by the NYPD and how it addresses situations such as the one at hand.  I also ask that the current curriculum be immediately reviewed, and that improved religious education and sensitivity training be implemented for all New York police officers.

Last we checked, the Manhattan B.P.’s jurisdiction did not include south Brooklyn, but Stringer, as has been pointed out in these pages, is quickly and quietly positioning himself for a mayoral run.

A spokesperson for the NYPD said they “are aware of the matter and looking into it.”




Stringer Wades Into Brooklyn