Teen Moves on With Life After Kanye West Unfollows Him on Twitter

The teenager who was briefly the only person Kanye West followed on Twitter has given an interview to the Guardian after months of silence.

Steve Holmes was one of many fans West exchanged tweets with after joining Twitter over the summer. The decision to make the kid his only followee appeared to be spontenous and largely random. “You are the chosen one dun dun dun dun,” Kanye tweeted at Holmes. “Tweet strong young man, tweet strong.”

Holmes soon found out it’s not easy being Twitter famous. He got 15,000 followers out of the deal, but haters flooded him with angry emails. He was stalked by journalists.

“I had journalists outside of my house for two days in their car,” he told the Guardian.

West understands unwanted attention as well as anyone. So he stopped following the 19-year old and briefly followed Justin Bieber before deciding not to follow anyone.

Holmes still has 5,686 followers on his mundane, teenagery feed–“time to get my drink on”–including Lady Gaga.

“It would be good if you have a talent–but what talent do I have? A man clicked a button,” Holmes said.

He’s no longer following West.

Another civilain, Sarah Killen, now Sarah Slowik, was similarly Twitter-bombed by Conan O’Brien, who said he decided to follow someone “at random.” She used her power to raise money for the breast cancer charity Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

She also got a wedding dress and Macbook out of it.

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Teen Moves on With Life After Kanye West Unfollows Him on Twitter