The Email Spammer Who Loved and Lost

Email spammers are like bad lovers, toying with your emotions, then taking your for every penny and never returning your calls. 

Which is why the case of Justin Veitch is so satisfying. David Pogue reposted a long exchange between Veitch and an email scammer

The con artist posed as Alex, an actual friend of Mr. Veitch, using an email that looked just like Alex’s, but ended in, instead of gmail.

“Alex” is supposedly stranded in London with no credit card and needs funds. 

Veitch pretends to be wiring the money, but keeps delaying, eventually forcing the spammer to engage him on an initmate level. 

“Alex, before I do this, and I want to, but before I do this just tell me one thing; how was I, as a lover? I’ve been wanting to know this for ages but haven’t ever had the courage to ask.”

“James dont start am in a mess right now and my head aches please just get back me out of this mess and we will discuss this when i get home okay. Thanks and waiting to hear from you soon”

“If that’s the way you’re going to behave then maybe you can just dig yourself out of this mess. Remember Tuscany? Those huge waves? The way you wheeled me all over town. All I want to know is whether you still love me. Tell me you still love me?”

Check out the full thread over at Pogue’s Posts, it just gets better. 

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The Email Spammer Who Loved and Lost