The Post Goes Through Greenpoint in a Bar With No Name

So it’s come to this: With all appropriate options exhausted, Brooklyn bar owners are choosing to keep their saloons nameless instead of risking having a name that’s just not cool enough. Well, at least one is. The New York Post gallantly explores this Greenpoint boite sans nom, which was thrust upon the world last week by Jessica Lee Wertz and the owners of neighborhood standby Bar Matchless. 

Assuming groups of would-be boozers can jointly decide upon a euphemistic moniker for the place — better ideas than “the bar,” “the place” or “the spot,” guys? — let’s take a look at what awaits the intrepid visitors.

“I wanted this to look like a tavern you could find in an ancient Chinese trading village at the end of the Silk Road, which is different from the traditional turn-of-the-century [Americana] bars you see in Williamsburg and the Lower East Side,” Wertz told the Post.

Sounds about right! Glad, then, that Wertz can be a Marco Polo of our time, bringing to Brooklyn’s little Polish-tinged cluster of streets the age-old tradition of jade tiles, swaths of ivy and, naturally, the practice of refraining from nomenclature. We’ll see you on Manhattan Avenue between Nassau and Driggs — at the spot? The place? Confusing!

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The Post Goes Through Greenpoint in a Bar With No Name