The Times’ “110 Things NYers Talked About” List: An Addendum

Today, The New York Times published the 110 Things that New Yorkers Talked About in 2010—everything from the iPad and DADT to Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga’s meat dress.

The Observer had a few additions.

    1. The Winter Olympics in Vancouver
    2. The continuation of the war in Afghanistan
    3. The continuation of the war in Iraq
    4. The official end of the combat mission in Iraq
    5. The ongoing insurgency in Iraq
    6. The election in Iraq
    7. The nine months of turmoil over the failure to form a new government in Iraq
    8. Wikileaks publishes the “Collateral War” video
    9. Wikileaks publishes the “Iraq War Diaries”
    10. The routing of the Taliban in the south of Afghanistan
    11. The reemergence of the Taliban in the north
    12. The death of Richard Holbrooke
    13. Wikileaks publishes the “Afghan War Diaries”
    14. The firing of Gen. Stanley McCrystal
    15. The firing of Shirley Sherrod
    16. The firing of Rick Sanchez
    17. The firing of Juan Williams
    18. The non-firing of Keith Olbermann
    19. The Toyota recall due to faulty gas pedals
    20. The Toyota recall due to faulty floor mats
    21. The Toyota recall due to bad drivers and/or outright fraud
    22. The debt crisis in Greece
    23. The Haitian earthquake
    24. Donating by text to Haitian relief
    25. Something like 250,000 dead in Haiti
    26. The Tsunami that was going to hit Florida but didn’t
    27. Americans kidnapping Haitian kids
    28. Approximately one million homeless in Haiti
    29. Pat Robertson says it’s all retribution for pact with devil
    30. The slow pace of the recovery in Haiti
    31. The cholera epidemic in Haiti
    32. The debt crisis in Ireland
    33. The explosion of the Deepwater Horizon
    34. The subsequent discovery of the oil leak in the Gulf
    35. The estimate of 1,000 barrels of oil a day leaking into the Gulf
    36. The revision of the estimate to 5,000, then 12,000, then “up to 25,000,” “between 35,000 and 65,000,” and finally to as much as 100,000
    37. The attempt to close the blowout preventer valves
    38. The “top kill”
    39. Kevin Costner?
    40. The “top hat”
    41. The “junk shot”
    42. Maybe we just nuke the fucker
    43. The pictures of oil-covered animals…
    44. The containment booms, hair
    45. The angry shrimpers
    46. The oil disappears
    47. The oil-spill Pulitzer battle begins
    48. Spain wins the World Cup
    49. The Palestinian aid flotilla
    50. The rebirth of the Mideast peace process
    51. The failure of the Mideast peace process
    52. Eyjafjallajokull
    53. Don’t tread on me
    54. Don’t touch my junk
    55. Scott Brown’s junk
    56. Christine O’Donnell’s junk
    57. Riots in France
    58. Also England
    59. Greece
    60. Italy
    61. Russia
    62. Anna Chapman
    63. Elena Kagan
    64. The floods in Pakistan, as many as 2000 dead
    65. The lack of attention to the floods in Pakistan
    66. Pope Benedict endorses condoms
    67. Pat Robertson endorses weed
    68. Miley Cyrus endorses Salvia
    69. The death of Ted Kennedy
    70. The passage of health care reform
    71. Otherwise known as the government takeover of health care
    72. The two dozen federal lawsuits against the individual mandate
    73. The ruling upholding the mandate
    74. The ruling striking down the mandate
    75. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
    76. Restoring honor
    77. Restoring sanity
    78. Restoring fear
    79. The debt crisis in Portugal
    80. The deadly stampede in Germany
    81. The deadly stampede in Cambodia
    82. LeBron
    83. The midterm election
    84. The Democrats’ “shellacking”
    85. The Thai Color Wars, which we still don’t understand
    86. The 29 miners killed in a mine explosion in West Virginia
    87. The 33 miners trapped after a mine explosion in Chile
    88. The 33 miners rescued from the Chilean mine
    89. The 26 miners who died in China the same week
    90. The thousands of Chinese miners who die every year
    91. The 29 miners who perished in a New Zealand mine explosion the next month
    92. The debt crisis in Spain
    93. The debt crisis in Europe
    94. The debt crisis in America
    95. Charlie Rangel’s censure
    96. The North Korea shelling of Yeonpyeong
    97. Unemployment drops to 9.7 percent
    98. Unemployment rises to 9.9 percent
    99. The media is hiring!
    100. Unemployment drops to 9.6 percent
    101. Unemployment rises to 9.8 percent
    102. The Times Square bomb plot
    103. The printer cartridges bomb plot
    104. The Christmas tree bomb plot
    105. The Goldman Sachs SEC investigation
    106. The deaths of Barbara Billingsly, Tom Bosley (i.e., motherhood, fatherhood)
    107. The FBI raid on three hedge funds
    108. The foreclosure crisis
    109. The Heatpocalypse
    110. The Snowpocalypse
The Times’ “110 Things NYers Talked About” List: An Addendum