The Guardian Apologizes for Calling Daily Beast “Tiny”

The Guardian has issued a lengthy list of corrections for two stories it published on October 8 and November 15. Among the highlights The Guardian apologized for calling The Daily Beast’s traffic “tiny” and saying it had “no apparent business plan.”

Seems like someone at the Guardian was either off their nut or completing a long simmering vendetta with former Brit Tina Brown. The paper copped to “a series of errors and basic failings of journalistic practice.”

Those included: putting the Beast’s traffic at 1.656 million unique users, while the Beast provided data that said 2.9 million; ignoring the 66 new ad campaigns the Beast secured in 2010; and overstating Tina Brown’s age by a year (zing!)

The Guardian’s sense of guilt and the scope of the retractions are rather amazing — although perhaps not as amazing as the fact that it took Brown and Barry Diller six weeks to extract them. 

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The Guardian Apologizes for Calling Daily Beast “Tiny”