Virginia Paper Switches to Large Font Called “Boomer”

The Richmond Times-Dispatch has switched to larger, more spaced-out fonts today, presumably catering to older readers, points out Poynter.

“We switched to a new typeface, Utopia, that has larger character forms than our old type. In addition, we have increased the size of the type and the amount of space between lines of type,” writes senior editor Daniel Finnegan.

“We’ve added a new headline font called Boomer, and we’re using that typeface in the new flags you will see at the tops of section fronts throughout the paper.”

We suppose these moves must be seen as the natural corollary of advancements in online and mobile news. Last we heard, the average age of newspaper readers is around 55 and rising.

Never die, Baby Boomers!

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Virginia Paper Switches to Large Font Called “Boomer”