Wanna Get Fancy With Ashton Kutcher?

A thing, according to The Fancy.

Mashable has 500 invites today for The Fancy, a social bookmarking site dedicated to identifying real-world objects:

Tagging is where things—literally—get interesting on thefancy. A photographer, for instance, can add context to photos by tagging objects, or a business owner can tag merchandise in photos.

Snap a photo of something, upload to The Fancy and tag it, or do the same for websites and items you find online. It’s like Del.icio.us for the real world.

The Fancy is one manifestation of thingd, a New York startup that wants to build a searchable database of every object in the world.

The Observer broke the story behind Thingd, which already has hundreds of millions of objects in its database. The Fancy is just one, early, consumer-facing manifestation of the long-term trend toward putting more inanimate objects on the Internet (cars, appliances) which has been slugged the Internet of Things.

The Fancy invites are coveted so go get ’em while they’re hot. Ashton Kutcher and other celeb users are waiting for you.

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Wanna Get Fancy With Ashton Kutcher?