Way To Graciously Acknowledge Your Nepotism, Luke Russert!

NBC Congressional Correspondent and Tim Russert progeny Luke Russert’s first major profile was published today by The Daily Beast’s Howard Kurtz. There are no surprises and it’s pretty softball, but that feels about right for someone who comes from an interesting family and is working their first job.

Although Russert has been in the spotlight for two years, NBC has been careful to keep him on the interviewing side, explains Kurtz.

“He is relaxed, earnest and witty during the rare interview, granted only after months of requests (the NBC publicity team is very protective of him and discouraged me from following him while he works),” Kurtz writes.

Russert gives the boilerplate, basically true, child-of-the-famous account of his professional success:

“The news media is a results-oriented business. I don’t think a company like NBC would pay me if I wasn’t qualified and wasn’t able to produce on this level…

“There will always be people who will say, ‘Oh, he’s only gotten where he is because of his father,’ and that certainly helped. But I’ve been able to stay here because of me.”

In all fairness, being well connected on Capitol Hill probably makes him good at his job.

The main takeaway is that Russert’s upbringing was a certain kind of preparation for the job:

His dad also took him to baseball, football, basketball and hockey games, where the teenager would get into intense arguments with his father’s pal James Carville.

His mother (Vanity Fair writer Maureen Orth) would come back from overseas trips with a duffel bag stuffed with research, which he would dutifully carry upstairs. His father would come home with stacks of photocopied newspaper articles. “I remember him sitting on the bed at night, we’d be watching sports while he did his research,” Russert says.

Oh! And that Russert and Kanye think alike:

“It’s a growth process,” admits Russert.

Way To Graciously Acknowledge Your Nepotism, Luke Russert!