Weiner On Tax Cuts: ‘I Will Wait Here While They Filibuster’ [Video]

Congressman Anthony Weiner was on Hardball yesterday, arguing with Jack Kingston, the presumptive Republican chairman of the Appropriations Committee, about the Bush tax cuts.

House Democrats are expected to bring a bill today that would extend the tax breaks for people who make less than $250,000–without having brokered a deal for what to do about the people who make more than that. Weiner said Republicans should vote on this bill, and then they can all figure out the rest later.

“The problem is with my Republican friends, they don’t know when to take yes for an answer,” Weiner said. “The Republicans have gotten so used to saying no on every single thing, that they’re even saying no on things they essentially agree with.”

Of course, as Chris Matthews pointed out, it doesn’t matter much, since Republicans in the Senate are committed to blocking the bill until a compromise is worked out.

Weiner said that was a “harbinger” of the next two years, but that he wouldn’t stand for it.

“I’m sick and tired of this,” he said. “The American people don’t want what the Senate Republicans want, so I say hold them up and make sure they actually have these filibusters. I will wait here while they filibuster. But this whole idea, I think we have to call their bluff once and for all.”

Weiner has been doing lots of television since Democrats’ suffered big losses last month. And Matthews apparently enjoys having him; he called him “the sharpest knife in the drawer as far as I’m concerned.”


Weiner On Tax Cuts: ‘I Will Wait Here While They Filibuster’ [Video]