Weiner Takes to the Morning Shows, Takes on Obama [VIDEO]

Congressman Anthony Weiner continued to take on President Obama from the left this morning, appearing on not one but two morning shows to excoriate the president for giving away too much in the deal to extend the Bush-era tax cuts.

On both ABC’s Good Morning America and CBS’s The Early Show, Weiner said Obama needs to spend more time making his case to the American people rather than negotiating with Republicans.

“President Obama sees the job more as negotiator-in-chief than as leader of our country and leader of our party,” he told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. “It’s only going to get worse for the president if he allows himself to get pushed around like this.”

On both shows he said that Obama should act more like Ronald Reagan and take on legislators who don’t sign on to his agenda in their home states.

“I see a trend here where the president seems to think that his job is to count votes and then try to make a deal based on that,” he told CBS’s Erica Hill. “That’s what we in legislatures do. Presidents have more arrows in their quiver.”

Weiner became one of the most prominent liberal voices in the country during the health care debate, transforming himself from a moderate outer-borough fighter for the middle class into the Dennis Kucinich of New York. Then, however, the conversation was a lot more about improving the bill. Now Weiner is taking on the president directly and by name, and it seems to be working, at least in terms of his ability to get on TV.

Case in point: When Hill wrapped up the segment with Weiner, she said, “This is DEFINITELY not the last time we will speak with Congressman Anthony Weiner.”


Weiner Takes to the Morning Shows, Takes on Obama [VIDEO]