White House Pokes Schumer

As this Politico story points out, Chuck Schumer has taken up his new role in the Senate Democratic leadership with gusto, taking the fight to the Republicans, especially over the Bush-era tax cuts with his (some say sincere, some say gimmicky) plan to for tax cut for all Americans making less than $1 million.

The White House though does not seem to appreciate Mr. Schumer’s enthusiasm for partisan warfare, and notes that there was little enthusiasm for his proposal.

Via Jake Tapper, an unnamed White House official says, “Senator Schumer says he wants a fight? He couldn’t hold his caucus together.” 

The article goes on to state that even though Democrats like Schumer say they wanted the White House to hold firm and not extend the tax breaks for upper-income earners, administration officials say there was not much enthusiasm in the party’s rank-and-file for a debate over the plan.

The issue goes to Capitol Hill this afternoon.


White House Pokes Schumer