You’re Rolling on Ecstasy, Are You? Eater Lets You Know Where to Dine

You’re going to see Phish on New Year’s Eve, so naturally you’ll be high on Ecstasy.

There’s only one hang-up to this otherwise infallible plan: where in the city will you eat beforehand? You’ve never had a hankering for any sort of food while rolling before — discounting, of course, the multiple bottles of water and accompanying bright-colored lollipop — but you’re about to see Phish, it’s New Year’s in New York City, and you want to do it up.

Where, pray tell, shall you hit that sweet spot of mouth-orgasm taste and undulating-wall interior? Luckily, you can got to Eater, where the servicey editors have compiled a round up of responses to a question on Chowhound that addresses this very issue.

While one suggests Madangsui or Don’s Bogam, another worries that “the combination of raw meat and fire may not be the best ‘vibe’.” Other suggestions: Bar Americain (touristy, but no one will notice they’re on drugs), Shake Shack, The Breslin, Buddakan, The Hurricane Club, Manzo, Keens, and though it’s out of the way, Morimoto (“there’s a great deal with that sensual textural edge to it that someone in your… condition… might appeciate”).

You’ve got it made! Giving up some worthless spinal fluid for a place as hot as The Breslin is totally the right move here.

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