$35 M. Says “Keep” Button for Online Ads Is a Good Idea

Scott Kurnit, who founded About.com, has a weird idea at which investors have now thrown a total of $43 million.

The idea is that people usually ignore online ads because they’re focused on doing other things. Our online behavior is often goal-oriented, so advertisements become an undesirable distraction from reading the news, shopping or playing Farmville.

Kurnit’s new startup, AdKeeper, is building a way for advertisers to include a “keep” button on their ads so users can save the ads somewhere and browse them later.

AdKeeper just raised $35 million in its second round of funding and will launch with a full slate of advertisers, including Allstate, Ally Bank, AT&T, Best Buy, CBS, Ford, Gap, General Mills, JetBlue, Macy’s, McDonald’s, Pepsi, Sears and Warner Bros, VentureBeat reported today.

The new funding was led by Oak Investment Partners with previous investors DCM, True Ventures, Spark Capital, and First Round Capital also contributing.

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  $35 M. Says “Keep” Button for Online Ads Is a Good Idea