Accel Partners Comes to New York

Accel Partners, the technology investing heavyweight that got behind Facebook at a very early stage, announced today that it’s opening an office in New York City. 

Business Insider reports that Accel’s new digs at 11th and Broadway will start without a permanent staff, and instead function more as an outposts for partners who are visiting companies in the city. CEO Jim Breyer, who already has a home in the city, is spearheading the new office along with Theresia Ranzetta. 

Accel is known in part for its $12.7 million investment in Facebook when it was still and Mark Zuckerberg had just reached legal drinking age. It was the first venture capital outfit to invest in the now-dominant social networking site.

It also had a major score recently when sold to Amazon for $545 million.

The company lists 15 New York companies in its portfolio in its announcement:

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