All Jack LaLanne's Children

After the Barbarella star and political activist injured her foot and couldn't practice ballet, she took up aerobics and then promptly inflicted it upon the masses in form of 23 videos.

Richard Simmons lost over a hundred pounds as a young fitness nut in LA and has been "Sweatin to The Oldies" on TV  and video ever since. His self-parodic stops on David Letterman and skimpy uniform cemented his status as an eccentric icon.

After starring in "Three's Company," Somers became a spokeswoman for the Thighmaster, which will confuse the hell out of whatever post-apocalyptic anthropologists rake through our stuff.

Austin had an ESPN aerobics show from '87 to '97, making her the spiritual mother of aerobics chic--neon leotards, chunky socks, scrunchies. She must have been on during Dov Charney's formative years.


Actor Blanks made a fortune in the '90s off his patented Tae Bo, which combined the moves of martial arts Tae Kwon Do and boxing, with none of the usefulness for self-defense.

Zen video king Yee is a controversial figure for marrying one of his students (a yoga no-no) and for making the yoga unit of our high school gym class super-awkward with those black spandex shorts.

Warner is a personal trainer and former script writer with her own Bravo reality series, "Work Out," which illuminated the sadomasochism of exercise addicts, if little else.


Now that we are all fat, work-out shows have been one-upped by reality shows about fat people working out. Michaels hosts one such show, "The Biggest Loser," but is already pioneering the future of interactive work out videos on Wii.

Israeli-born Gilad Janklowicz has been making fitness videos in Hawaii for decades. He's still on, somewhere up there on the channel FitTV, with a suspiciously still-thick accent and predictably been-in-Hawaii-for-decades-leathery skin.

With a man so rich in cultural associations--Conan the Barbarian, Maria the Shriver, the Terminator, the Governator--it's easy to forget Schwarzenegger's earliest ambition was to pump himself up. The documentary Pumping Iron was made about one of his victories in the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition and he penned a column for Muscle & Fitness.

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