All-Star Zach Klein Leaving Boxee for Ego

Zach Klein was a founder at Vimeo, Svpply and is a co-owner of College Humor and Busted Tees—which made him a star at IAC’s Connected Ventures.

In September 2009, he signed on as head of product at Boxee, the set-top box bringing Internet to the televisions of impassioned early adopters.

At the time, The Observer wrote:

[Klein] was ready to let go of his “ego,” he said, which was holding him back from joining a company that already had a great, original idea. He could do just as well improving it, he said.


Now Klein plans to leave Boxee to found a new company, writes Nick Saint at Business Insider, probably sometime next month.

Klein also recently invested in his first restaurant, Fedora, which opened last week in the West Village.

The news does not come at a good time for Boxee, which had a good showing at the Consumer Electronics Show but then immediately botched a firmware update. Boxee also continues to disappoint on promises to bring content from Netflix and VUDU to its set-top box.


All-Star Zach Klein Leaving Boxee for Ego