Anonymous Attacks Egypt Amid FBI Raids

Amid FBI raids against 40 of its members, online anarcho-pranksters Anonymous has turned its sites toward the Egyptian government over internet censorship amid widespread civil unrest in the country.

In a YouTube press release, the collective aims itself at Egypt’s government amid shutdown of Facebook, Twitter and other media services that had provided real-time updates on the country’s state of affairs.

Meanwhile, Anonymous also appears to be facing a stateside crackdown on its online antics, as federal agents have apparently raided several members’ homes, according to Business Insider. The agency has served 40 warrants related to Anonymous’ DDoS attacks on Visa, PayPal, Amazon and other companies for severing relationships with Wikileaks following that organization’s publication of classified U.S. diplomatic cables.

In this case, at least, the U.S. and the Egyptian government appear to take a similar view regarding freedom-of-expression radicalists who use the full force of the internet to advance their cause.

Here’s the YouTube video Anonymous made. It contains Anonymous’ signature blend of heavy-handed narrative pulled from comic books and everyday teenage phrasing.

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Anonymous Attacks Egypt Amid FBI Raids