Aol Email Users Have Not Got Mail

Did you know Aol’s email service was down for more than 12 hours yesterday?


About 4 percent of Aol Mail users were frozen out of their accounts yesterday and emails sent to them were rejected, MSNBC’s Wilson Rothman reports. Aol Mail users are still missing emailsthat disappeared during the outage.

That’s a pretty egregious outage for a crucial tool like email. Can you imagine if Gmail went down for four percent of users for that long? Commerce, education and journalism would fall apart!

It must be nice not to have to deal with the kind of public outcry that results when sites like Tumblr and Facebook break — the Twitterati become borderline abusive when they can’t get their Tumbls. But it’s much worse when your service breaks and there’s hardly a peep from the internet.

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