Apps for the Appocalypse

Bre Pettis predicted that the internet would go down in 2011, and since his predication recently came true in Eygpt, Pettis thinks it’s time to start planning for a similar event stateside. 

“How would you contact the ones you love if the cell/internet networks went down? How would you get the news out to the greater worldwide community if there were things you were seeing that the world needed to see?”

Pettis has put out a call asking people to submit ideas for survival apps that would be useful in the event of a true internet Appocolypse

“I want an app that creates a localized IRC channel that anyone within wifi range can join. The idea here is that wifi can’t be jammed locally, so it would be nice to set up a localized network to chat with your neighbors without leaving the house,” writes Pettis. 

Holler at us with some suggestions in the comments. 

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