Astor Place Gets the Times Square Treatment [Pics]

The city has just finished developing a plan to remake Astor Place and Cooper Square in the heart of the East Village a la its reengineering of Times Square two years ago. Except that it’s the other way around, as Astor Place was redesigned years ago. The plan is only now moving forward, following budget hold-ups, expansion and refinement. (The original redesign simply focused on the area’s northern quandrant.)

Will this plan, which was submitted for formal design review today, cause the same outcry as the redesign of Times Square and the growing bike lane/Sadik-Khan backlash–as was recently seen on nearby First and Second avenues? The community appears to be O.K. with the changes, perhaps because this area’s a mess for both cars and pedestrians. Then again, Villagers rioted over less in Tompkin’s Square Park so anything’s possible.

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