At His First SOTU, Grimm Unimpressed

Michael Grimm, the newly elected Staten Island Tea Party backed Republican, has just finished his first State of the Union address and gives it a grade of “unsatisfactory.”

“He is an incredible orator,” Grimm said.  “He delivers a great speech, but when I digest it it sounds like the president wants the Congress to double down on another stimulus package. That is not going to happen.”

Grimm accused Obama of trying to swipe Republican ideas and sell them as his own, especially the notion of “investment.”

“What is ironic about that is that when the first stimulus came around Republicans said ‘We don’t need to spend that much and what we do spend, we should spend on infrastructure so we will have something to show for years to come and that will create jobs.’ Our talking points have become their talking points,” he said.

Grimm added: “It sounds like he wants to double-down on another stimulus, but this Congress is not going to go down that road. We can’t afford to.”

Grimm compared federal spending to a parent who sends their child off to college with a credit card in order to buy school books. When the kid maxes out the credit card by spending it all clothes and then asks for more money to buy books, it is the parents job, he said, to say no.

“You are going to cut off the credit card,” he said.

And the Congressman said that he was impressed by some of President Obama’s calls for bipartisanship, pointing out that Democrats have no choice “since they are in the minority now.”

“It should have been the message two years ago,” he said.”It’s a little watered down now.”





At His First SOTU, Grimm Unimpressed