'Bite Me': Meet The Sexy New Bon Appetit!

Bon Appetit has launched a bad ass new ad campaign to introduce their bad ass new editor, GQ veteran Adam Rapoport, The New York Times reports. His first issue is May of this year, and the campaign will grace websites, print publications, streets and billboards beginning next Monday.

The images in the campaign, created by Sam Griffin, design director for advertising at Bon Appétit, present “Bite me” scribbled in lipstick on a bathroom mirror, tattooed on a man’s muscular arm, written in gold on a necklace and posted on a flight information board at an airport, where “B.A.” stands for Bon Appétit rather than British Airways.

The campaign is estimated to have set Conde Nast back $500,000, and not without good reason. Conde Nast’s food brands have been watery since Gourmet shuttered, and under Rapoport Bon Appetit will have a new demographic to target. What are they all about? Cue the ’90s marketing buzzwords!

  • “contemporary, relevant”
  • “energy and excitment”
  • “real and touchable”
  • “readers who are ‘about inviting friends over for a great meal'”
  • “add some lifestyle”
  • “it’s about fun, it’s about friends and family, it’s about your life”

The Times does not want us to forget that Bon Appetit needs to position itself against the more low brow, Every Day With Rachael Ray (circulation 1.7 million) and Food Network Magazine, (1.37 million) which have quickly become legitimate competitors for the Conde Nast title.

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'Bite Me': Meet The Sexy New Bon Appetit!