Bloomberg, Pittsburgh Mayor Want Your Ideas for a Wager

The tradition of politicians making bets on sporting events has been given  a new twist before the  Jets’ AFC championship game Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Steel City mayor Luke Ravensthal are asking fans to send in ideas about what they think the two cities should put on the line for the game.

Bloomberg says that New Yorkers can submit ideas through his Twitter feed: @NYCMayorsOffice.

“The Jets are one game away from the Super Bowl, and we’re betting on a win for Gang Green. Send us your ideas for what New York City should offer in a wager with Pittsburgh, and Mayor Ravenstahl and I will announce the bet on Friday,” Bloomberg said.

All of this begs a few questions: 

1. What could we possible want to give away to another city in case the Jets lose?

2. What humiliating thing can we make Mayor Bloomberg do if the Jets lose in light of his Jets Jinx?

3. Does Pittsburgh really have anything we would want?


Email us your answers and wager suggestions at

Bloomberg, Pittsburgh Mayor Want Your Ideas for a Wager