Bloomberg Talks Constitution, Democracy and Guns on MSNBC [VIDEO]

Mike Bloomberg was on “The Last Word” last night and had some choice words for President Obama and other officials who have refused to stand up to the power of the National Rifle Association.

“[Obama’s] legacy is going to be education and stopping the carnage on our streets,” the mayor said. “Presidents don’t have a problem in fighting wars overseas, Congress doesn’t have a problem with funding wars overseas, but we have a war on the streets of our cities, big and small.”

Note that Bloomberg’s description of what he believes Obama’s legacy will be sound suspiciously like what Bloomberg believes Bloomberg’s legacy will be. If one were to ask Obama what he hopes to accomplish before leaving office, it is doubtful that he would name education and gun violence in the top two.

Bloomberg also said that there was a “common purpose” to the Constitution, which, he seemed to imply, mattered more than the Second Amendment and was being violated when people’s safety was being ignored.

“You don’t have that when there are some people who federal law says shouldn’t be able to buy guns but have been able to buy guns,” he said.

And he added that he wished that NRA-supporting politicians would join him when he goes to the hospital rooms and funerals of those cut down by gun violence.

“If the elected officials in this country at all levels would look in the eye of the parents and say, ‘I am sorry your son or daughter is never going to come home again but I didn’t want to vote that way because politically it may have been a little bit difficult for me.'”

“Democracy,” he added “Is being able to walk down the streets and not look over your shoulder.”

Take a look:

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