BNTER Of The Week: Copies HowAboutWe


New York-based is a Twitter-esque site for posting clips of conversations that take place via text message, instant message or with voices in actual real life. Some of New York’s techsters have really taken to BNTRing their witticisms, puns and moments of zen. Occasionally we reproduce those here.


New York’s HowAboutWe has a simple concept.

Set up a dating site that revolves around date ideas so users get out and meet each other, instead of trolling each other’s profiles and messaging back and forth eternally. (Getting people off the internet? Sounds like another startup The Observer profiled this morning).

Competitor added a similar feature this week called DateSpark. “DateSpark is heavily inspired by HowAboutWe,” writes David Evans at Online Dating Insider. “In fact it’s pretty much a direct copy of what I consider to be 2010’s hottest dating startup.”

In response, HowAboutWe is Letting users sign up for three months for free.

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BNTER Of The Week: Copies HowAboutWe