Can a Hamptons Rehab Center Cure Wall Street's Addictions?

New York, you have a problem, but the rest of the country is here to help.

Minnesota’s Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center is already working on a new rehab center in Tribeca, and now The Journal reports that California clinic Passages, which holds retreats in Malibu and Ventura, is thinking of opening a branch in the Hamptons.

Roughly one-fifth of Passage’s clients are from the New York metro area and about 75 percent of them work on Wall Street or have loved ones who do. There is one small catch with the Hamptons retreat, though:

One major stumbling block to opening on the East Coast is the dismal weather. “It’s easier to heal in an environment where it’s beautiful every day,” said David Kaiser, chief marketing officer for Passages.

So maybe everyone just thinks they’re on vacation.

Perhaps this interminable snow is also to blame for the problems of a Gramercy Park methadone clinic that can’t find a new location. Or maybe it’s just the poor junkies.

For the woman addicted to painkillers after breast enlargement surgery or the psychiatric patient abusing prescription drugs, Gramercy Park Services has been a place for outpatient detox for 40 years, said the facility’s manager Raymond Sanchez.

But the methadone clinic on Third Avenue and 21st Street also treats heroin users, which is why several landlords during its search for a new location have broken off negotiations, Sanchez told residents at a Community Board 6 meeting Monday night.

You know New York has changed when there’s no place for needle drugs in it anymore.

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