Celebrities Are Terrible Advertisers

Cross “Using Their Face To Sell This Stuff I Made” off the list of things that celebrities are good for.

“We studied every nationally televised ad for the first 11 months of 2010 and found that celebrity ads performed either below average or merely equaled it,” Ad Age wrote today.

One-fifth of celebrity ads had a negative impact on the ad’s effectiveness, and less than twelve percent of celebrity ads caused significant positive changes (over ten percent “lift”).

The least effective celebrity endorsers of 2010 were Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Kenny Mayne, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Donald Trump.

Ad Age‘s interpretation is that today’s consumer is so over-stimulated and over-informed “they don’t want to have products pushed at them, even from a celebrity.”

We think they just need to get better celebrities. Have you guys heard of this lady? We will do literally whatever she says. We’re in Hot Topic right now.


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Celebrities Are Terrible Advertisers