Christie outlines new schools initiative

Paterson schools will initiate a program modeled after a similar effort in Harlem that involves community input to improve the educational system, Gov. Christie’s office announced Wednesday.

The Harlem Children’s Zone forms extensive partnerships with community organizations. By working together with existing groups, the initiative seeks to rebuild the community and its schools.

Christie’s office reported that Paterson schools will be used as a pilot program in New Jersey modeled after the Harlem program.

The Harlem program focuses on comprehensive support for children all the way through college.

“Under Geoffrey Canada’s leadership, the Harlem Children’s Zone has become a national model of what can be accomplished when we move beyond the status quo and institutional impediments that protect failure at the expense of children,” Christie said in the release.  “Over the coming weeks and months, we will work with Geoffrey and the Harlem Children’s Zone to put in place a program in Paterson that will emulate the success of Harlem Children’s Zone and give the children of Paterson a renewed sense of hope and opportunity.”

Christie outlines new schools initiative