Conservative Newsmax Invests in the Elderly

Right-leaning news magazine and website Newsmax has brought on Steve Coz, formerly of American Media Inc., as editorial director, reports Keith Kelly.

According to company chief Christopher Ruddy, Newsmax revenue has grown 50 percent this year, from $34 million to $51 million, and it’s doing so by targeting a demographic advertisers are historically allergic to: senior citizens.

“In the next 10 years, they will dominate the US economy. They have disposable income — and they read,” Ruddy said.

Steve Coz ran the National Enquirer in the O.J. Simpson trial era and left in 2003 after clashing with AMI CEO David Pecker. Since then he’s been running his own health marketing company.

Newsmax also recently brought on the controversial security reporter Judith Miller, her first print gig since The New York Times. :: @kstoeffel



Conservative Newsmax Invests in the Elderly