Cuomo Names Ken Adams to Head ESDC

Andrew Cuomo has named Business Council CEO Ken Adams as a head of a revamped Empire State Development Corporation.

“With Ken Adams as President and CEO, the Empire State Development Corporation will fuel New York-based innovation and create jobs at home while helping to transform the state into a world-class center for business and new ideas,” Cuomo said. “As I said in my State of the State address, we need a strong voice to help say that New York is ‘open for business.’ A fast growing and forward-thinking economy begins with changing the state’s business climate to attract and maintain cutting-edge companies. Ken is clearly the right person at the right time for New York and I thank him for agreeing to serve the people of the state.”

Adams has been one of the leading voices in the state calling for a friendlier business climate and warning against a state government grown too large.

And he seems unlikely to push for further taxes. He was recently quoted in The Atlantic issuing dire warning about the state’s fiscal future.

According to Kenneth Adams of the Business Council of New York State, many of his members would love to expand in the state, but they can’t afford to, because the tax burden is too high on their businesses and their employees. East Coasters eagerly awaiting the opening of the next Wegmans supermarket in their area should perhaps give a silent thanks to New York State’s legislators; the hugely popular chain no longer seems to be opening stores in its home state, which now ranks dead last on the Tax Foundation’s annual State Business Tax Climate Index.








Cuomo Names Ken Adams to Head ESDC