Do You Like This Free Manhattan Coworking Space?

Did you know there’s a free coworking space in Chelsea? offers a free website editor for quick and dirty Flash sites. It’s a freemium model–start with one of their slick Flash templates for free, then pay a bit to get rid of ads or trick out the site with more features.

Wix opened its “Wix Lounge” six months ago, offering free Wi-Fi, free seating and free coffee to entrepreneurs and freelancers. Occasionally, it hosts events (heads up–Freedom Yoga on Wednesday).

The Wix Lounge is located at 10 West 18th St., second floor. The Lounge is open from Monday through Friday between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.

But is there really such a thing as free Wi-Fi? Like many useful free services, the Wix Lounge comes with ads. The Wix Support Bar is how the company evangelizes its services in the Lounge. “Sign up for a FREE consultation session on topics such as Wix feature updates, design tips, and marketing strategy,” the website says. Classes on how to use are held every Wednesday.

Wix is looking for feedback on the space so far. “Have any input on the Lounge’s 1st 6 months? Take our Survey & help us make it better,” the company tweeted on Tuesday. The survey is here.

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Do You Like This Free Manhattan Coworking Space?