Elsewhere: Albany Gets Ugly (Surprised?)

Senate Republicans fell one vote short of a rules change.

Senate Democrats are accusing the Republicans of trying to fracture the Democratic party by seeking to empower the Independence Democratic Conference.

A schedule of hearings on Cuomo’s budget is up.

An Ithaca oral surgeon will challenge Sen. Gillibrand. Again.

There’s also some competition to run the city’s board of elections, not exactly a coveted post.

Joseph Spinelli has resigned from the Commission on Public Integrity.

Katrina vanden Heuvel is hopeful about Cuomo’s call for public financing of elections.

Education advocates were in Albany to talk about budget cuts, and they are not happy.

The city spent over $68 million dealing with the December blizzard, exhausting this year’s budget for snow removal.

The Illinois Supreme Court has yet to decide whether Rahm Emanuel is eligible to run for mayor of Chicago, but for now has ordered that his name appear on ballots.

Anthony Weiner defended Obama’s relationship with the business community.

New York is closer to becoming the first state to ban electronic cigarettes.

The new health commissioner won’t be pushing for a soda tax.

Bloomberg has touted his work in lowering the city’s welfare burden, but the data may be incomplete.

The politics of applause.

Elsewhere: Albany Gets Ugly (Surprised?)