Elsewhere: American Idol, Elena Kagan, and 'The Sharia State'

Ruben Diaz, Jr. takes on American Idol.

Albany Assemblyman Jack McEneny is concerned about layoffs.

Andrew Cuomo declined to state how many state workers would get the ax, but did say that there would be “pain.”

The WFP continues to rake in the cash.

Doug Turetsky fact-checks the State of the City.

Dogs in New York City can now only be tied up for up to three hours.

American Muslim leaders are apprehensive about Peter King’s “radicalization” hearings.

Did President Obama get his groove back?

Chris Christie appointed a Muslim judge to the New Jersey Superior Court which led a conservative blogger to say “New Jersey, the Garden State, has just taken its first step toward becoming the Sharia State.”

Too soon? The 2012 House ratings are already out.

Elena Kagan was called for jury duty.

Could the Great Recession end the Urban Renaissance?

Patrick Gaspard will  become the executive director of the DNC.

Qualified praise from local immigration groups for Mike Bloomberg.

A new survey shows opinion of Obama diverges along racial lines.

Former lieutenant governor Betsy McCaughey is dealing with her own death panel.

The State of the Block.

A lawsuit charges the city’s negligent snow response caused a death.

Charlie Rangel says that Congress could reduce the corporate tax rate “without much effort.”

Verizon is challenging the FCC’s attempts to preserve net neutrality.

New York’s jobless rate dipped below 10% in December.

Anthony Weiner got feisty during the healthcare repeal debate.

Elsewhere: American Idol, Elena Kagan, and 'The Sharia State'