Elsewhere: In a Way That is as Minimally Staged as Possible

Tuition hikes could be in the offing for CUNY and SUNY

Carl Paladino, who you may recall once talked about taking a baseball bat to Albany, says the Tea Party is not to blame for Jared Loughner, whom he called an anti-war, anti-Christian, anti-Constitution, anti-flag, pro-Marx lunatic.

The next big urban fight: streetcars vs. monorails.

It was Brian Kolb and John Sampson’s turn to dine at the governor’s mansion.

Even conservatives approved of Barack Obama’s speech last night.

Streetsblog defends the MTA, calling it “one of the more accountable public authorities in the state” even though “few [elected officials] have the integrity or willpower to resist such a highly visible and convenient punching bag.”

Can Republicans and Democrats sit together at the State of the Union?

NYPD does not have quotas. “Performance goals” however are another matter.

Rob Astorino: “The watchwords will be less is more. Less spending; more sharing. Less bureaucracy; more performance. Less taxes; more prosperity.”

Mario Cuomo doesn’t feel proud about his son, so much as “lucky.”

The Daily Beast profiles Carolyn McCarthy.

Ben Smith thinks political blogs blew it on the Arizona shooting.

Neil Breslin thinks the Democrats overspent due to their four-headed leadership monster.

Cuomo doesn’t think that the Committee to Save New York is a special interest.

Chris Christie thinks Sarah Palin needs to go unscripted if she wants to be a serious presidential candidate: “I think people need to be judged by the way they conduct themselves in the public arena, in a way that is as minimally staged as possible. That’s where you really get to know people.”

Cuomo wants to move forward on a plan to tax Indian cigarettes.

Stu Appelbaum took a poke at Mayor Bloomberg ahead of tonight’s living wage hearing: “Perhaps if Mayor Bloomberg spent less weekends in Bermuda and more in the neighborhoods, he would understand the hardship New Yorkers are experiencing just trying to live in the city.

Elsewhere: In a Way That is as Minimally Staged as Possible