Elsewhere: Keeping Hope Alive

It got nasty in the State Senate today.

State Sen. Daniel Squadron is keeping hope alive for the Jets, and encourages the rest of the Green Army to do so as well. (h/t Daily Politics)

Schumer wrote to Def. Sec. Gates: support arsenal support.

Marist: SOTU not going to do much to restore American’s confidence in government.

Chris Christie turned down a chance to give a SOTU response.

Jimmy McMillan and his legacy live on in NY politics.

NY election commission meeting in Rockland on Wednesday. Rager.

John Haggerty’s money laundering trial just got pushed back: arguments not to be heard ’til Feb. 8.

Cuomo officially has one commissioner.

Bloomberg’s snowstorm troubles turning into legal troubles with wrongful death suit.

Rep. Hayworth sticking to the “small government big business” mindset of her Tea Party faithful.

But might have problems in the future.

Joel Klein not dropping education reform completely.

Gillibrand is getting some ‘surprise’ press.

Jared Lee Loughner officially plead not guilty to Tucson shooting.

Marty Markowitz sees a vast bicycling conspiracy.

How does New York take care of its disabled compared to other cities?

Steve Kornacki doesn’t see a Rudy 2012 run.

Elsewhere: Keeping Hope Alive