Elsewhere: Permanent Damage

Council members are renewing a push for a $10/hr minimum wage on all development projects that receive city funds or benefits…by singing.

The DSCC announced their leadership posts.

The Medicaid Redesign Team will meet publicly, after all.

Ace G.O.P. political consultant Bill O’Reilly has a new blog.

At least there is one guy who is a declared G.O.P. presidential candidate.

Jimmy Oddo said that Mayor Michael Bloomberg has done “permanent damage” to reputation in light of the last snow response.

The LCA show looks pretty good this year.

The State of the City will be coming to Staten Island.

The WFP wants the right-wing to dial it down.

Carolyn McCarthy tells Salon that the N.R.A is lobbying behind-the-scenes against her ban on high-capacity magazines.

The Committee to Save New York is staying secretive.

Meet Cuomo’s point man on the MTA.

Maryland may be the next state to legalize same-sex marriage.

The Deutsche Bank Tower is at last down.

Cuomo is “shocked” at Paterson’s police raises.

The Senate is about to undergo its first test on rules reform.

Elsewhere: Permanent Damage