Elsewhere: Pure Mindless Luck

The line-up at CPAC.

Tom DiNapoli made some staffing changes.

Grace Meng says she received death threats after accusing Rush Limbaugh of racism.

Two officials in Troy were indicted for forging absentee ballots in a Working Families Party primary.

Mike Bloomberg warned off massive teacher layoffs.

The Committee to Save New York is going door-to-door.

Randi Weingarten and Chuck Schumer are raising for the National Jewish Democratic Council.

The Senate GOP will vote on a tax cap next week.

The Municipal Art Society released their 2011 “livability watch list”.

Good government groups are continuing their push for rules reform.

The city wants to ban polluting heating oils.

James Oddo explained his fight with bike advocates.

Introducing CuomoWatch.

Say what you want about Co-Op City, Mr. Glenn Beck, but don’t you dare disparage Snooki.

Azi Paybarah says that Bloomberg’s next year “will be about demonstrating that he has re-established his control over city government, taking advantage of thenew-governor moment to try to get in on the push to reform Albany (and maybe using the cover of massive state cuts to enact city cuts he hasn’t made before) and to continue to pick his spots on national issues.”

Jeff Aubry’s primary source of outside income is the slots. He attributes his success to “luck, pure mindless luck.” Elsewhere: Pure Mindless Luck