Elsewhere: The Big Ugly

Carl Paladino declares himself the “bull in the China shop,” and cryptically refuses to take a question from Karen Dewitt.

Congressman Gary Ackerman wants President Obama to suspend aid to Egypt.

A federal judge in Florida declared parts of the health care bill unconstitutional.

Senate Democrats asked for Eric Schneiderman’s help in their fight against the G.O.P.’s effort to strip the LG of tiebreaking powers.

Anthony Weiner would like to remind you that the public option is constitutional.

Every Republican senator joined Jim DeMint’s bill to repeal the health care law.

According to a Vanity Fair poll, 6 percent of Americans think that Mike Bloomberg is author of books for young adults.

Alec Baldwin approves of Cuomo, hints at potential future bid for office.

Tim Pawlenty became the first 2012er to fault Obama on his Egypt response

Stonewall says it would be homophobic to allow Wal-Mart in New York City.

How to deliver an unpopular budget.

Dan Halloran testified before a grand jury about an alleged Sanitation Dept. slowdown.

The building trades is joining the side of transit riders.

Neither Dean Skelos nor Shelly Silver are that impressed with Andrew Cuomo’s discovery of a “sham budget.”

If state Medicaid stops providing free dentures, then the people will eat soup, Rob Astorino says.

Andrew Cuomo wants to avoid asking an MTA farehike.

The state Senate passed a property tax cap.

A big ugly storm is headed our way (again.)

Elsewhere: The Big Ugly